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Seeking an alternative option for HEEL PAIN RELIEF?

October 30, 2013

**The Pressure on the FEET when running can be as much as FOUR times the runner's body weight**
Cortisone, by mouth or injection, is another treatment modality utilized to reduce the acute pain of heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis. In my clinical experience, one injection usually relieves between 30-60% of the pain. In my practice, we will consider giving up to three injections within a month's period. Though unlikely to occur, Rupture of the plantar fascia is a potential Risk factor post injection, so it is imperative that the doctor carefully select the appropriate patient to utilize this modality. The alternative cortisone option is oral medication. This option can be very effective in reducing the pain caused by heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, though often may only offer temporary relief. The main risk factor of this option is stomach upset. So this option is not utilized in patients with history of stomach ulcers. Check out our Heel pain videos.
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