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Diabetes and Foot Care – Why Footcare Should Be A Part Of Your Diabetic Treatment Routine

November 26, 2014

About 25 million people in the US are affected by Diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. What does diabetes have to do with foot care you may ask? If you have diabetes, it may cause nerve and blood vessel damage. Diabetes that is not well controlled may lead to the development of foot problems that can become serious quite quickly.

Since diabetes can damage the nervous system, you may not properly feel your feet. Oil and sweat production are impaired. This can lead to more pressure on the joints, skin and bones of your feet when you walk, and may lead to skin breakdown and sores. Infections in the feet can become serious problems, since the blood flow to your feet is impaired.

Be Aware of Possible Problems

Because of these issues, you must be aware of the proper ways to prevent problems in your feet before they become serious. Issues should be recognized as early as possible, with assistance and treatment from a podiatrist who specializes in diabetic foot care.

Treatment for foot problems in diabetics is improving, but prevention is still the first and best way to prevent complications of diabetes. Dr. Taub can show you the proper way to examine your feet and recognize early signs of diabetic foot problems. You also need to know what you can take care of at home, when to call your physician, and whether emergency care is needed.

Poor Circulation

If you have poorly controlled diabetes, this may lead to hardening of the arteries. If this occurs, there is no normal blood flow to injured body tissue, and your feet will not heal properly.

Nerve Damage

If you have had diabetes for a long time, or your diabetes is not properly controlled, you may have nerve damage to your feet. Due to this problem, you may not feel your feet as you used to. You may not sense the position of your toes and feet when you balance and walk.

You may not be able to sense minor foot injuries, like blisters, scrapes or cuts, if you are a diabetic. You may not notice abnormal wear of your feet, which may lead to corns and calluses. Foot trauma may cause problems that are more serious.


Any foot infections must be attended to as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they could lead to more serious problems. Athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and ingrown toenails must be cared for properly. If you are ever unsure, come in and see Dr. Taub!


If your shoes do not fit properly, they can cause you foot problems. You may develop consistent pain, calluses, corns, blisters, sore spots or red spots from ill-fitting shoes. If this occurs, you need to purchase new shoes as soon as you can. If you have abnormalities common to feet, like hammertoes, flat feet or bunions, you may need special shoes or inserts.

Since you have diabetes, you need specialized podiatric care from a caring professional. Dr. Joseph C. Taub offers services with a caring approach. Dr. Taub’s care is attentive and he treats his patients like family members. He will listen to your issues and educate you properly about what you need to do to ensure that your feet remain healthy.

Read a bit more about what his patients had to say in regards to diabetic care:

“This doctor takes the time with each patient to discuss the issues with their feet. My husband is a diabetic. Dr. taub is so patient with him and his many foot issues. Dr. Taub treats you as a person and not a number. I am so thankful for Dr. Taub and his staff" - David Newell

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