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Stuart Heel Pain Treatment

June 16, 2015

Heel Pain Treatment

Do you have heel pain but don’t know what is causing it? Is it now difficult for you to walk for extended periods of time without your heel hurting? If so, you need to see a podiatrist who can help you by providing accurate diagnosis followed by Stuart heel pain treatment.

Stuart Heel Pain Treatment

At our practice, Dr. Joseph C. Taub offers a full array of podiatric services that will help alleviate your foot pain. Dr. Taub treats all age patients from children to seniors. Stuart heel pain treatment is something that can apply to any age group – there are many diverse reasons why a person may be experiencing heel pain. Heel pain is often caused by a condition called heel spur syndrome, but this is certainly not the only cause of the pain. Heel pain can also come from conditions such as: a stress fracture; tendonitis; arthritis; nerve irritation; or sometimes even from a cyst. It can also be caused by walking a certain way, or spending too much time on your feet on a hard surface, wearing unforgiving shoes. Stuart heel pain treatment can help with: pain on the bottom of the heel; pain in the arch of the foot; and pain that has been increasing over recent weeks or months.

Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, is usually worse when you first get up in the morning or have been sitting in a chair for an extended period of time. In order for your heel pain to be properly diagnosed, Dr. Taub must check your medical history and thoroughly examine your foot. Diagnostic imaging may be used in diagnosis as well. There are many non-surgical treatments for plantar fasciitis. You can take certain at home precautions such as doing stretching exercise and avoiding going barefoot. Ice packs may also help. If foot pain persists, come to our practice for Stuart heel pain treatment. Treatment options will vary based on the diagnosis that is finally reached by Dr. Taub. Heel pain treatments may include: custom orthotic devices; injection therapy; a removable walking cast to keep your foot immobile for a few weeks; a night splint that allows you to extend the plantar fascia while sleeping to help reduce morning pain; and prescribed physical therapy. Most patients with heel pain are successfully treated with non-surgical options. Surgery will only be considered if treatment does not cause any pain improvement over several months. If you would like to meet with Dr. Taub to finally get to the bottom of your heel pain, make an appointment at our office today!

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