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Gout Treatment in Martin County

March 14, 2016

Martin County podiatrist

Have you been suffering from gout pain? If so, you know that this can be an extremely painful condition. However, did you know that you can get effective gout treatment from our podiatrist at our practice, Joseph C. Taub. If you would like to receive excellent gout treatment in Martin County, we can certainly help you get expert diagnosis and pain relief at our podiatry practice.

Gout treatment in Martin County

Our top-notch podiatrist is Dr. Joseph C. Taub. Dr. Taub is a board-certified podiatrist who has been providing exemplary care for residents of Martin County for over 24 years. Many patients have come to us suffering from gout. Gout is a very painful condition that most commonly occurs in the joint of the big toe. However, gout can actually affect any joint in the body. Gout is generally treated by medications that are decided by you and your doctor. Medications can be used to treat acute attacks as well as prevent future attacks. Our podiatrist can provide effective gout treatment in Martin County by treating the patient with injection therapy or oral medications such as anti-inflammatories. These medications are also sometimes used together to help keep the patient from experiencing gout pain.

Gout can be diagnosed in several different ways. Our doctor can use a needle to draw fluid from the joint which will show urate crystals under the microscope if gout is present. Blood tests can also be used to measure uric acid in your blood. Ultrasound can also be effectively used to diagnose gout as well as dual energy CT scans. Our podiatrist may want to order some of these tests in order to make a definitive diagnosis of your condition. Gout is actually a kind of arthritis that can cause a sudden, painful attack. This attack will feel like burning pain and stiffness and can be accompanied by swelling. It is important that gout is treated in order to reduce or even eliminate these attacks. If gout attacks are ignored they will eventually bring harm to your joints, tendons or other tissues. Gout commonly occurs in men. If you would like to see our podiatrist regarding gout diagnosis and treatment contact us today. At our office, patients can also receive a wide variety of foot treatments as well as gout treatment in Martin County. Our podiatrist offers treatment for a wide range of foot problems ranging from athlete’s foot, to diabetic foot care to ankle fractures and sprains.

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