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Stuart Geriatric Podiatrist

April 12, 2016

Geriatric Foot Problems in Stuart

Stuart Geriatric Podiatrist

Are you looking for an expert and highly trained foot doctor? Are you also a senior or a member of the geriatric population? If so, you are in good company. Many older people encounter foot problems which take away enjoyment from their everyday life. Nobody wants or needs to live with foot pain. If you are looking for a Stuart geriatric podiatrist who provides top-notch care, you can do no better than to come to our practice, Joseph C. Taub.

At our practice our highly-regarded board-certified podiatrist is Dr. Joseph C. Taub. He has been providing exemplary foot care to members of the Martin County community for more than 24 years. Our office is state-of-the-art and our Stuart geriatric podiatrist is able to accurately diagnose and successfully treat a wide range of foot problems. At our practice we specialize in geriatric foot problems so you can be sure that you are coming to see a foot doctor who will be familiar with your specific foot problem.

Our Stuart geriatric podiatrist also believes in making sure that our patients are all well educated about their foot conditions; they want our patients to act as partners in decisions about the medical care they will receive. We also are happy to offer same-day emergency appointments when necessary. At our foot care practice we specialize in non-surgical treatments. We do have surgery options available but we always use it as a very last resort. We definitely prefer more conservative, less invasive treatment whenever possible. As feet age they become more susceptible to injuries and infections. Also, wear and tear that has accumulated over the years may well catch up to you as you get older. Geriatric foot problems can be very painful. At our practice we see geriatric foot problems that are simply aggravating, or seriously debilitating. We also see many cases of simple problems such as corns and calluses. Due to weakened immune systems some older patients may also be more likely to develop athlete’s foot or fungal nails. Other common geriatric foot concerns include plantar fasciitis, hammertoes or bunions. Advanced arthritis or diabetic problems also need to be closely monitored as they can severely affect your feet and overall health. If you have geriatric foot problems, or would like to avoid getting geriatric foot problems, we recommend that you come in to see our expert podiatrist.

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