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Heel Pain in Martin County

June 9, 2016

Heel pain treatment in Martin County

Heel pain in Martin County

If you are suffering from heel pain you are not alone. In fact, heel pain is one of the most common reasons patients come in to see our podiatrist, Dr. Joseph C. Taub. Heel pain is generally caused by overuse of part of the foot; it is not usually caused by an injury. However, there are many different reasons for heel pain. When a patient comes to our practice with heel pain in Martin County, our podiatrist will need to do a thorough exam to determine the exact cause of the heel pain so that proper treatment can be recommended.

At our practice, Joseph C. Taub, we have been providing exemplary but care to patients for more than 24 years. Our podiatrist is able to treat ailments of the foot, ankles and legs. When it comes to heel pain, there are many treatment options available. At our practice, surgery for heel pain is available but it is only used when other treatment methods have been exhausted and have failed. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. This tissue runs all the way from the heel bone to the toes. When plantar fasciitis occurs, a heel spur may form. Over the course of the years, our podiatrist has successfully treated thousands of patients with plantar fasciitis heel pain in Martin County.

Plantar fasciitis can be caused by a sport that requires a lot of running, a patient being overweight, wearing shoes that do not provide sufficient support, having a job that requires that you stay on your feet for much of the day, or having flat feet or high arches. The main symptom of heel pain is pain that occurs usually when you first get out of bed, or after getting up after sitting for a long period of time. Pain can also occur when you have been standing for a long time. Treatment for heel pain is generally nonsurgical. In fact, even if the patient has developed a spur, surgery is quite rare. Sometimes our doctor will treat heel pain with a cortisone injection using an extremely thin needle for minimal pain. Foot strapping using special tape can be applied for up to 10 days to alleviate pain. The use of anti-inflammatory pain killers or oral cortisone pills may also help. Extracorporeal Halls Activation Technology has recently become known as the successful treatment method. Prescription orthotics are also helpful in easing heel pain. For an appointment to see our doctor regarding your heel pain in Martin County, contact us today.

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