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July 12, 2016

Treating bunions, warts and hammertoes in Martin County

Martin County podiatry office

If you are looking for an expert podiatry practice that can address all of your foot concerns, you should plan a visit to see us at Joseph C. Taub podiatry practice. Our expert and highly trained board certified podiatrist is Dr. Joseph C. Taub. He has been providing the highest quality of podiatry care to patients in our area for over 24 years. When you are looking for a great Martin County podiatry office, you can do no better than to come in and see us at our practice.

At our Martin County podiatry office, we are fully dedicated to providing our patients with accurate diagnosis and treatment for all foot, ankle, or leg problems. We want our patients to be able to go through their lives comfortably, without experiencing any type of foot pain. Our podiatrist treats many different types of foot problems, and commonly sees patients who need treatment for bunions, warts, and hammertoes. Whether you are receiving conservative or surgical treatment for these foot problems, Dr. Taub will be able to provide you with the treatment that you need. Warts are a problem that is caused by a virus. They can be treated with either a topical medication or by surgical excision.

Many people go through their lives with bunions, without needing to receive any type of treatment for them. However, if bunions are constantly irritated, they may increase in size. Sometimes bunions increase to the point that they need to receive surgical treatment because they are so large and painful. At the first sign of any bunion pain, you will want to come in to see our podiatrist so that he will be able to provide you with treatment to relieve the pain, and to hopefully keep the bunion from getting worse. If you want to have the bunion surgically removed, our podiatrist will be able to do that as well with a specific surgical treatment which will be discussed with you in detail. Hammertoes can be either rigid hammertoes or flexible hammertoes. If you develop a hammertoe, your toe will create a “v” shape. It is important that you see our podiatrist when this first occurs and non-surgical treatment can be provided. If a flexible hammertoe is left untreated, the hammertoe will become a rigid hammertoe and will be unable to be moved out of the “v” shape. At this point, you will need to have foot surgery. For an appointment to meet with our doctor at our Martin County podiatry office, contact us today.

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