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Heel Pain Treatment in Stuart

January 18, 2016

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Heel pain treatment in Stuart

Dealing with any pain can be difficult, though it is important that you have any and all pain looked into by a medical professional if you are unsure of the pain’s origin and nature – and even if chronic aches and pains begin to impede on the quality of your daily life. Heel pain is quite a common ailment among individuals who are on their feet all day, and some people may simply attribute this adverse side effect to being tired or to overuse. But heel pain may actually be the sign of an inflammation and our podiatrist Joseph C. Taub can provide you with the heel pain treatment in Stuart that you need in order to overcome it.

Heel pain is often focused on the underside of the heel, but it may sometimes occur on the back of the heel as well. If you feel pain where the Achilles tendon attaches itself to the heel bone, then you may have Achilles tendinitis but this is not often what is referred to when the term heel pain is mentioned. For the most part, heel pain refers to pain and discomfort on the underside of the heel and is likely caused by plantar fasciitis. It may not be the sign of a serious condition, but the pain caused by plantar fasciitis can certainly interfere with the quality of your everyday life, especially when it comes to normal activities like running errands, performing work duties in active careers or exercising. There are a variety of different reasons that may be behind heel pain, including heel spurs, gout, bone tumors, fibromyalgia, pinched nerve, arthritis, stress fractures and others, but plantar fasciitis is the most common. This condition occurs when the muscle that runs across your heel becomes inflamed. While it is perhaps the most common cause, it is still important that you see a podiatrist for a diagnosis first. Joseph C. Taub can provide you with a complete examination as well as with whatever heel pain treatment in Stuart suits the cause and nature of your heel pain.

If you are suffering from heel pain, you can have the problem rectified with the right medical help. Visit our podiatrist Joseph C. Taub to get the comprehensive foot care and heel pain treatment in Stuart.

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