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September 13, 2017

Hammertoes in Palm City

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If you are looking for a podiatry practice that provides complete foot care, you will want to come to see us at our podiatry office, Joseph C. Taub. Our Board Certified podiatrist, Dr. Joseph C. Taub, can provide you with complete Palm City foot care, including treatment for hammertoes.

When a patient has a hammertoe, it looks as though their toe is forming the shape of an upside down “v” when viewed from the side. A hammertoe can be either flexible or rigid. When a patient has a flexible hammertoe, the toe can still be straightened out. Most hammertoes will eventually develop into a rigid hammertoe. When a hammertoe is rigid, the toe cannot be straightened out, and can become quite painful. At this point, the patient will most likely need foot surgery in order for the hammertoe to be corrected. When a person has a hammertoe, it means that there is a muscle and ligament balance around the toe joint which causes the middle joint of the toe to bend and become stuck in position. When a person has a hammertoe, they usually have a problem with the top of the toe rubbing against the shoe, and creating irritation. Both men and women can get hammertoes. If you have diabetes, a hammertoe can be a serious problem because the toe may ultimately end up infected or have an ulcer. For diabetic patients, custom orthopedic shoes can be helpful in preventing this from occurring. If you have a flexible hammertoe, there are several treatment options that our podiatrist can provide, as part of your Palm City foot care, which will keep the hammertoe from becoming rigid. A person can actually inherit a predisposition to developing hammertoes because your feet may not be stable and have a flat or a high arch. Arthritis can also contribute to the development of hammertoes as can the normal aging process.

For Palm City foot care, including complete treatment for flexible and rigid hammertoes, contact us today.

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