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November 16, 2017

Treating hammertoes in Palm City

Podiatry office in Palm City

A hammertoe occurs when excessive pressure on the toe joint results in the toe becoming stuck in the bent or flexed position. There are two types: flexible and rigid. When you have a hammertoe, you need the expert skills of a specialist. And that is what you will get at the office of Joseph C. Taub.

Should you ignore a hammertoe and wait for it go away? You could, but there are two good reasons not to. First, there is no guarantee that it will correct itself. Although this does happen with some mild cases, a visit to our podiatry office in Palm City will allow you to be proactive, which is particularly important if the hammertoe is rigid. You see, flexible hammertoes have a little movement still left in them. Rigid hammertoes do not. That distinction is vital, because not only does it mean that a rigid one should be examined right way, but it will most probably need surgery at our podiatry office in Palm City. At this point, you might be wondering what leads to getting a hammertoe in the first place. That pressure on the toe joint can be caused by shoes that are too tight around the toes, which is often true with high heels. For that reason, women get hammertoes more often than men do. Besides poor fitting footwear, genetic predisposition and arthritis could also be responsible. Our foot doctor will take x-rays and then come to a conclusion about the diagnosis and the treatment path to take. Flexible hammertoes can be remedied with orthotics (shoe inserts), either with our without medication to accompany it; that may mean cortisone shots depending on your situation.

Have your hammertoe taken care of here at our podiatry office in Palm City. The sooner you come in, the sooner your discomfort will be alleviated.

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