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June 15, 2018

Foot surgery in Stuart

Stuart podiatric surgeon

Foot surgery can make a huge positive difference in how you feel, including in cases of recurring conditions and chronic foot problems. At the office of Joseph C. Taub, our Stuart podiatric surgeon always seeks to utilize the most non-invasive form of treatment as the first option. However, when a surgical procedure is the most appropriate choice for getting the desired outcome, you can count on gentle, expert care.

One situation for which surgery is typically done is to correct a rigid hammertoe. This is when your toe bends and stays in the flexed state, with no movement available to the toe at all. Some instances of flexible hammertoe may also benefit from the work of our Stuart podiatric surgeon, but rigid ones nearly always will. The repair of a torn tendon or ligament is also done surgically, as is setting of a compound fracture of the ankle bone or any other bone in your foot. Even flat feet may sometimes be the subject of remedy by procedure. In all such cases, the priority of our Stuart podiatric surgeon is to restore an optimal degree of foot health. The good news is that many of these treatments can be done right here at our office, and even if they have to be done at a hospital, it will be an outpatient procedure. You will not need to stay overnight except for rare cases. Only the most advanced methods and equipment are used for your surgery, and because of Dr. Taub's experience in performing foot surgery, you can be assured of the best chances for an optimal result.

Whether the applicable treatment is surgery or not, don't hesitate to contact our office right away so that we can set up a convenient appointment for you to come in to have your foot examined and evaluated.

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