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August 20, 2018

Geriatric foot care in Stuart

It is no surprise that as we age, our bodies change. Our feet are also affected by aging. Dr. Joseph C. Taub, Board Certified Podiatrist, has been providing the highest quality care to the residents of Martin County and the surrounding areas for over 24 years. Whatever troubles are ailing your foot, ankle or leg, this top Stuart geriatric podiatrist will do everything he can to bring you the relief you have been seeking. He is dedicated to improving your quality of life and getting back on your feet to your active lifestyle. Not only does he provide his patients with the best podiatric care possible, he also believes in supplying his patients with all the information needed to make educated decisions about their medical care. Our staff has the extensive training and compassion to assist with all types of foot problems from children to seniors with a strong emphasis on non-surgical treatment. Surgery is available but is utilized only as a last resort.

As the life expectancy has increased, so has the wear and tear on the feet. Impairment of the lower extremities is a leading cause of activity limitation in older people. And a recent study reported that one-fourth of all nursing home patients cannot walk at all, while another one-sixth can walk only with assistance. Dr. Taub, the leading Stuart geriatric podiatrist, has years of experience working with and taking care of the foot needs of his older patients. There are hundreds of different foot ailments. Some can be traced to heredity, but for an aging population, most of these ailments stem from the cumulative effect of years of neglect or abuse such as wearing ill-fitting shoes. However, even among people in their retirement years, many foot problems can be treated successfully, and the pain of foot ailments relieved.

Whether due to neglect or abuse, the normal wear and tear through the years causes changes in feet. As persons age, their feet tend to spread, and lose the fatty pads that cushion the bottom of the feet. Additional weight can affect the bone and ligament structure. Older people, consequently, should have their feet measured for shoe sizes more frequently, rather than presuming that their shoe sizes remain constant. Dry skin and brittle nails are other conditions older people commonly face. Finally, it’s a fact that women, young and old, have four times as many foot problems as men, and high heels are often the culprits. This Stuart geriatric podiatrist understands that preventive foot health care has many benefits. Chief among them are that it can increase comfort, limit the possibility of additional medical problems, reduce the chances of hospitalization because of infection, and lessen requirements for other institutional care. Come in for a check-up today and enjoy your active lifestyle.

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