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January 25, 2019

Joseph C. Taub is a diabetic foot care in Stuart doctor that has been providing a high level of care for patients for many years now. Our diabetic foot care is done in a clean, comfortable office. Dr. Taub has been treating patients in the Martin County area for over 24 years, always providing reliable and trusted care, whether it’s ankle sprains, fractures or bunions. Our website has plenty of videos as well to choose from, such as videos about ingrown nails, laser treatment and orthotic casting for foot pain.
One video we offer is a showing on diabetic foot care in Stuart. Sometimes with diabetics, the foot’s skin is impaired.Undue pressure from walking and other foot related activities on the foot’s joints and bones, as well as the skin, can cause sores and skin problems, which can cause complications and infection. Foot conditions should be resolved before they even occur, which is why it’s important to come into our offices for care as soon as symptoms start. If the diabetic complications aren’t controlled, the organs can become damaged and impaired. There are quite a few factors that increase the chance of developing diabetes related foot conditions and infections. Wearing shoes that don’t fit is a big problem and can cause diabetic complications. Signs of irritation from shoes can be red and sore spots, blisters, corns and calluses and other painful ailments.

Diabetic foot care in Stuart patients should wear comfortable fitting shoes and always remember that they need to protect their feet from damage and infection. If the diabetes is not controlled, nerve damage in the foot can happen. Our offices offer you flexible scheduling and same day emergency appointments. We accept a wide range of insurances, like Aetna and Blue Cross, as well as other well known insurances that many patients have.

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