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Palm City Foot Infection

March 21, 2019

There is no doubt that an infection anywhere in your body is a cause for alarm and prompt attention for the appropriate healthcare professional. And for foot infections, turn to us at the podiatry practice of Joseph C. Taub.

Your Palm City foot infection could be fungal based, as is often the case, or it may be bacterial. It's also possible that a fungal infection could result in a secondary bacterial infection. It can all get complicated more quickly than you would imagine, and that's why you need our podiatrist to examine the site of the infection, evaluate it, and address it with the treatment that is most likely to lead to rapid healing. Among the most common foot infections are those related to Athlete's Foot. It's very contagious, so if you walk barefoot on surfaces that could spread it, such as a locker room or a communal shower, it may not be long before you suffer with the burning, stinging, itching, and cracked or peeling skin that are so closely associated with the condition. It may be on the sole of your foot, or between your toes. Fungal toenails can occur as a result of Athlete's Foot or on their own. In both cases, your Palm City foot infection can be remedied with topical antifungal medication or other treatments, such as oral medication. Bacterial infections are common with ingrown toenails, in which the nail grows into the skin instead of over it, as it should. Fortunately, antibiotic treatment is available for those kinds of situations.

Don't forget that your Palm City foot infection is a serious matter. You may or may not be suffering with pain, but regardless of that you have to consider your foot health. Call our office without delay and let us book a timely appointment for you so that you can get the expert, experienced care that our foot specialist is known for.

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