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MIS Bunionectomy

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) offers patients a less intrusive option for the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, including bunions, hammertoes, big toe arthritis, and metatarsalgia. Unlike traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery involves smaller incisions and specialized instruments that result in less pain, quicker recovery, and reduced scarring.

An advanced approach for treating bunions

For individuals dealing with bunions, an MIS bunionectomy offers a less-invasive way to correct a misaligned metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and the associated disfigurement and discomfort. This advanced surgical technique provides long-lasting relief to individuals suffering from bunion discomfort while minimizing the procedure’s impact on their daily lives.

A Step-by-step look at the procedure

An MIS bunionectomy is a meticulous procedure that targets the bony prominence at the base of the big toe. To perform this operation, our podiatrist makes a few small incisions near the affected joint that enable the insertion of tiny, specialized instruments. With these instruments, our podiatrist carefully realigns the joint, removes excess bone, and addresses any soft tissue abnormalities. A tiny camera called an endoscope provides real-time visuals of the operating field and internal structures for enhanced surgical precision. An MIS bunionectomy produces minimal trauma to surrounding tissues, less postoperative pain, less swelling, and permits a faster return to normal activities.

Advantages and Benefits

Opting for an MIS bunionectomy offers several advantages over traditional open surgery. For one thing, the smaller incisions result in minimal scarring and reduce the risk of infection. Plus, with less surgical trauma, patients typically experience less pain and require fewer pain medications.

A shorter recovery time also allows individuals to resume their daily routines, including walking, sooner than with open surgery. And, since MIS techniques are less disruptive to the surrounding soft tissues, they decrease the chances of joint stiffness and offer a quicker return to full joint mobility.

Is the procedure right for you?

While an MIS bunionectomy offers a promising pathway to bunion relief, we carefully evaluate every patient and their specific needs to determine if this is the best option in care or if another one of our services will serve them better. The severity of the bunion, the presence of concurrent foot conditions, and the patient's overall health play a role in determining eligibility.

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