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Custom Braces

If you’re experiencing weakness or dysfunction in your foot or ankle following an injury, surgical procedure, or as the result of another condition, we’re well equipped to help! Our podiatrist will design a custom-made foot or ankle brace to offer you the stability and support that’s required. A custom-made brace also helps to promote healing while preventing re-injury. 

Designing and fabricating your custom-made brace

As the first step in care, our podiatrist will assess the unique requirements of your case and determine the best type and design for your brace. To fabricate your custom-made brace, we take a detailed impression of your foot and/or ankle. 

You can rely on our office for the best options in care. Our custom-made braces are made of comfortable, durable, and lightweight materials that distribute pressure, absorb shock and offer maximum stability as well as support.

Skilled and experienced care

Our goals are for every patient to enjoy optimal foot health and function. To learn more about custom-made braces and the many other services our office provides, give us a call today.

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