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Custom Diabetic Shoe Fitting

While proper foot care is essential for everyone, it’s especially critical for people with diabetes. As a result of damage to the peripheral nerves and blood vessels in the lower legs and feet, even the smallest blister, sore, or cut on the foot can pose tremendous risks. With numbness in the feet, vulnerability to skin breakdown, and poor wound healing, minor issues can escalate to dangerous infections with severe consequences. Not only do foot infections and their complications serve as the leading cause of hospitalization for diabetics, but more than 60% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations are associated with the disease.

How Diabetic Shoes Protect Your Feet

If you’re living with diabetes, it’s essential to maintain your blood sugar level, practice a healthy lifestyle, and pay close attention to protecting the health of your feet. As part of a comprehensive plan of care, the type and fit of the shoes you wear can play a significant role in preventing as well as alleviating foot conditions before they can do considerable harm.

Diabetic shoes provide comfort and protection while protecting against injury and supporting healthy circulation.

What sets diabetic footwear apart from other types of shoes are the following features:

  • A deeper toe box that allows for pressure-free movement
  • Extra-depth to prevent irritations and comfortably allow orthotic inserts
  • Protective soft materials on the inner portions with no irritating seams or edges
  • Non-binding uppers to eliminate pressure points.
  • Cushioned soles that reduce impact while allowing ease of movement and stability

Your trusted partner in care

At the office of Taub Podiatry, we provide the skilled and experienced care required to help prevent the onset of diabetic-related foot problems. Patients with diabetes can count on our professional team for the highest quality of custom-fit diabetic footwear to protect the health of their feet and support their overall well-being.

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