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Dry, cracked heel's is a condition created when the skin around the rim of the heel has lost its ability to function in a normal and healthy manner. The heel is one of the major weight-bearing parts of your foot. If the skin surrounding the heels gets too dry, it can become stressed, developing thick calluses around the heel's outer edge and can actually crack. These cracks, known as fissures, can cause pain and lead to other more serious complications.

Constant pressure and friction to the fat pad under the heel causes it to expand and eventually crack. Wearing thin-soled or open backed shoes are some cause of dry, cracked heels. The way you walk or standing for long periods of time are also causes. Diabetes and an under active thyroid can also contribute to dry, cracked heels. Being overweight and advanced aging can also be contributing factors. Dry, cracked heels may also indicate a zinc and omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

There is an effective treatment program that includes washing your feet regularly keeping them clean and free of infections. Then moisturizing them both morning and night to hydrate and restore softness, while at the same time exfoliating the heel of dead dry skin cells. Never try to cut or remove calluses from your feet. Excessive skin removal should only be performed by a Podiatric Physician.

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Foot Doctor in Stuart