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Leneva® Allograft Injection

Leneva® represents a remarkable advancement in wound care, including the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, tunneling wounds, and fat pad restoration procedures.

A natural solution for tissue reconstruction

Derived from human adipose tissue, Leneva provides an all-natural matrix or “scaffold” that contains the proteins and critical growth factors needed for soft tissue regeneration. As a safe, non-surgical approach for the replacement of damaged or inadequate adipose tissue, a Leneva injection helps facilitate cellular repopulation and vascularization.

Restoring foot health and comfort

Leneva® allografts offer podiatrists an effective and non-surgical way to address a spectrum of podiatric disorders affecting foot health, comfort, and function.

Supports fad pad restoration, vascularization, and would closure

With Leneva injections, our office can address the consequences of aging feet, thinning fat pads, and increased pain from pressure points. If offers an effective way to alleviate uncomfortable pressure from corns, calluses, and pain affecting the ball of the foot or heel. Leneva injections also provide therapeutic benefits in the treatment and prevention of foot wounds and ulcers.

With its position a “step ahead” of previous treatments, Leneva can eliminate the need for surgery or steroids.

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