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Limb Length Measuring

Healthy musculoskeletal function relies on the perfect harmony and balance of all the soft and hard tissue components involved in movement. In the lower extremities, limb length discrepancies, where one leg is shorter than the other, can lead to a range of issues. While minor discrepancies are common, more significant limb length discrepancies can cause gait abnormalities, joint pain, arthritis, and spinal problems and increase the risk of injury.

Supporting optimal musculoskeletal health and function and preventing and minimizing any long-term complications involves identifying and measuring limb length differences.

At Taub Podiatry, our skilled professional team provides experienced care to detect and measure limb length discrepancies and implement therapeutic interventions to help restore functional harmony and balance.

Diagnostic methods include:

  • Radiographs and Bone Scans
  • These imaging techniques help facilitate accurate limb length and discrepancy measurements.

  • Tape Measure and Caliper Measurement
  • Extending a tape measure from the front of the hip to the bony point on the ankle to determine the length of each leg.

  • Skyline Test
  • A positional observation that indicates if there is a discrepancy in the femur (thigh) or tibia (shin bone) lengths.

  • Block Test
  • Performed when standing, this assessment will show a drop in shoulder, hip, and knee positions on the side of the shorter leg.

  • Gait Analysis
  • Assesses how a person walks and if any compensations for discrepancies are present.

  • Muscle Testing
  • Reveals differences in strength and flexibility between muscle groups from one leg to the other.

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