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Orthotics Outgrowth Program

Foot orthotics for children play a crucial role in addressing various pediatric foot conditions by promoting proper foot development, healthy biomechanics, and comfortable function. Designed as custom-made shoe inserts, orthotics correct or support the alignment of the feet, ankles, and lower limbs. When introduced at the appropriate age, they provide a sturdy foundation for developing feet, offering corrective support to address anatomic, biomechanical, and mobility issues and support healthy musculoskeletal function. 

Growing feet have changing needs. 

Unlike adults, children's feet continue to grow. For this reason, we offer an orthotic outgrowth program. As designed to accommodate the changing needs of growing feet, our orthotic outgrowth program provides an affordable solution to meet your child's needs for periodic assessments, adjustments, and new orthotics to ensure ongoing and effective care.

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