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Pediatric Foot Care

Healthy feet are vital to a child's development, function, and well-being. 

Foot problems in children, like adults, can run the gamut from anatomical and biomechanical issues to infections and injuries. Some common reasons parents bring their children to our office for treatment include plantar warts, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, flat feet, heel pain, sprains, and fractures.

As your child grows

During the early years, a child's feet undergo rapid changes. With the bones, muscles, and ligaments still developing and foot arch formation taking place, parents and caregivers need to note any abnormalities or irregularities in a child's walking pattern or foot structure. As appropriate, our professional team will recommend physical therapy, exercises, and possibly orthotic devices to support improved development, alignment, and healthy, comfortable function.

Injuries and care

Children lead active lifestyles and are prone to foot and ankle injuries. And, with increasing participation in athletic activities and competitive sports, the incidence of sprains, fractures, and other sports-related injuries is rising.

In addition to treating sports-related foot and ankle trauma, our podiatrists provide expert care and guidance to support injury prevention, rehabilitation, and improved performance.

Taking the right steps to support foot health.

While ankle and foot problems are common in children, they can go undiagnosed. It's a combination of children not always mentioning the initial symptoms of foot issues and parents sometimes thinking a child will outgrow specific foot problems over time.

It's essential to be aware. Just take a moment to check your child's feet and encourage them to report any discomfort or problems. Talk about healthy foot hygiene practices and make sure your child wears well-fitting, activity-appropriate footwear.

At Taub Podiatry, we provide skilled, compassionate care to address every child's foot care needs. We encourage parents and caregivers to contact our office with questions or concerns about their children's foot health and function.

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