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Post Mohs Surgery Care

Postoperative care following Mohs surgery on the feet is crucial for a smooth recovery and optimal outcomes. Mohs surgery is a specialized procedure commonly used to treat skin cancers. The procedure can be particularly complex on the feet, where tumors can be challenging due to the intricate anatomy and the unique stresses the feet endure. After the surgery, patients need to follow specific guidelines to ensure proper healing. 

It's essential to keep the surgical site clean and dry.

Closely follow our instructions for wound care, including changing dressings and keeping the area protected. These steps help to prevent infection and promote efficient healing. We may also advise you to avoid putting weight on the operated foot and follow any restrictions on physical activities to avoid unnecessary stress on the surgical site. 

Managing discomfort

As indicated, we'll prescribe pain medications and provide recommendations for reducing discomfort, such as keeping the foot elevated. 

Follow-up appointments and care

Keep your follow-up appointments as scheduled so that we can effectively monitor healing and promptly address any postoperative issues. It's essential to promptly report any signs of infection, increased pain, or unusual changes in the surgical area. 

Remember that adhering to these guidelines and the specific instructions we provide contributes to a successful recovery— promoting comfort and the best possible functional outcomes.

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